David Williams Artist
Plein Air Along Bust Head Road


David Williams began painting as a child, voraciously learning about oils, acrylics, watercolor and drawing. Raised in the Virginia countryside, not far from Washington, DC.,  provided great opportunity for exploration of field and forest and all the arts of Washington. David studied foundational art at community college and VCU, eventually leaving to pursue other interests such as traveling and hiking. Later, he would study life drawing at the LA Academy of Figurative Art and mentor with master artists from around the country.


A professional artist for over twenty years, David's paintings are immediately recognized for quiet composition and richly textured surfaces. His work has been exhibited nationally and is found in hundreds of collections throughout the United States and abroad.


David Williams' artwork is a continuing celebration of form, light and atmosphere.




Class size is limited to six students.


Classes focus on the fundamentals essential to oil painting. Emphasis is placed on properly starting a painting and relationships found within a subject. We work from still-life or landscapes from photo reference. 

We will discuss equipment, design concepts, abstraction, tone, color, paint handling and simplifying at each step. Fine tuning previously learned techniques will be ongoing.


All classes are taught in six week sessions. You may start at the beginning of a session or wait for the next to start. There will be a total of seven, six week sessions per year. If you miss a class you've paid for, a $25 dollar credit will be applied to a future session.



$300 per six class session.

TUESDAY January 9 - February 13 // March 6 - April 10

WEDNESDAY January 10 - February 14 // March 7 - April 11

THURSDAY January 11 - February 15 // March 8 - April 12