David Williams Artist
Plein Air Along Bust Head Road



David was born in Washington, DC. and raised in the Virginia countryside. Childhood exploration of field and forest, river and bay led to an independent study of art and nature. A professional artist for over twenty years, David's plein air and studio paintings celebrate form, light quality and atmosphere. Living in Virginia, David focuses on painting, teaching and remaining close to the landscape. His work has been exhibited nationally and is found in hundreds of collections throughout the United States and abroad.



David Williams Art
Zinnia Joy, 30x30. Starting a painting.



All levels of painting experience welcome.


TUESDAY 10-1 Marshall, VA.  Class Full 

WEDNESDAY 10-1 The Plains, VA.  Class Full 

THURSDAY 10-1 The Plains, VA. 

SATURDAY 10-1 Stone Ridge, VA.


Weekly painting classes focus on the fundamentals essential to oil painting. Emphasis is placed on properly starting a painting and relationships found within a subject.


We will also discuss equipment, concepts, abstraction, tone, color, paint handling and simplifying at each step. Fine tuning previously learned techniques will be ongoing. Still-life arrangements are the principle method for learning to paint and are always available for the student. Students may also work from photo reference. 



Class size is very limited.  $50 per class. Each full month payable in advance.